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Allow Frédérique, a passionate pathfinder for this region, to advise you while you discover Le Dévoluy.


I am Frédérique, explorer in Dévoluy


You can be sure that I know a lot about the hikes that you absolutely must go on, the slopes to ski, the best spots to enjoy mulled wine or raclette and the most beautiful chalets for your stay in Le Dévoluy!

The biography of Frédérique, explorer Dévoluy

Once upon a time, Louis, Patricia, Alain and Fred fell in love with the Dévoluy mountain range. Louis, a native of Dévoluy, met Patricia in 1982. Coming from Loire-Atlantique, a department on the west coast of France, for just one ski season, she never left and married both Louis and Le Dévoluy! Together, they invested in a small rental agency, and then ski rental shops and a ski school. Alain, originally from South West France, was a gendarme by profession. After working overseas, he arrived in Le Dévoluy in 2008 as head of a brigade. He had already been familiar with the region for more than 30 years. At the end of his career, he decided to invest in the private sector and developed concierge and housekeeping services. Fred was originally from Lyon. She had the opportunity of skiing with friends at Superdévoluy. Taken by this mountainous region, she decided to settle here where freedom and well-being reigned. She has lived here with her family for the past 30 years. Very involved in developing the town, particularly through her work at Town Hall over a number of years, she finally joined Louis, Patricia and Alain in the adventure. Together, they have combined their expertise to provide the best Le Dévoluy has to offer.

3 inside's questions to our explorer!

So why Le Dévoluy?

Le Dévoluy is an immense playground in the heart of unspoiled nature. It's one of the biggest ski areas in Hautes-Alpes, close to major cities such as Aix-en-Provence, Grenoble and Marseille. Accessible but still well preserved, Le Dévoluy is worth visiting for its authenticity, where tourism and agriculture have been able to coexist. Sunshine, pure air, a wide range of landscapes and activities—these are just a few of the advantages that explain the destination's popularity. Lastly, even though winter and summer are so completely different, these seasons are both so lovely here that visitors' expectations can be met all year round.

So when are you leaving for le Dévoluy?

For those who prefer winter sports, the season starts mid-December and ends mid-April. The temperature may go below -20° in December and January. Skiers will be thrilled to know that snowfalls are predicted during this period. Then in March, the days are warmer and sunnier. The snow is soft and fresh. You can practice spring skiing in April—ski in the morning and tan on an outdoor patio in the afternoon. For those who love the mountain in summer, July and August provide beautiful sunny days and cool evenings. As you can see, Le Dévoluy is a great place to visit all year long!

What is your best souvenir of le Dévoluy?

Among all my wonderful souvenirs, the most beautiful one was when my husband took me to Pic de Bure for the first time. Culminating at a height of 2,709m, it seemed so inaccessible to me when I looked up at it from below! We took the "Pierra" ski tow, then we took our skis off and climbed up about 100m. We went by the handrail and climbed "steps" carved into the stone. The ascent wasn't over yet! We continued climbing a few more meters and then put our skis back on. It was at that moment that a moon-like landscape from another planet opened up before me —the Plateau de Bure, pure white, with strange, incredibly big satellite dishes. Magical, a real breath of fresh air!