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Discover the archipelago of Guadeloupe with Coralie's help, a passionate explorer of the Caribbean islands.


I am Coralie, your pathfinder in Guadeloupe.


You can believe me when I say I know a lot about must-see waterfalls, secret beaches and the best spots for sipping cocktails—and let's not forget the most beautiful places to stay in Guadeloupe!

The biography of Coralie, explorer Guadeloupe

Coming from a tourist background, I was a travel consultant specialized in personalized experiences for more than ten years. As the former head of island excursions for a prestigious French tour operator, I have had a wide range of experience in tourism and island holidays. I have now taken the business to a new level by dedicating myself to my favorite islands, namely Guadeloupe. If you are reading these words, you are also interested in travel and have a desire to discover new places. This makes me think of a favorite quote from Gareth Pon that you might be able to relate to, "Travelling will change you as a person, not only because of the experience you are living, but because each new place you visit will become a part of you." I want to help you discover a one-of-a-kind Guadeloupe, off the beaten path, so that your trip is unlike any other! What's more, I obtained my certificate as an Expert of the Islands of Guadeloupe in 2016, issued by the Tourism Committe for the Islands of Guadeloupe, further proof of my expertise in this domain!

3 inside's questions to our explorer!

Why choosing Guadeloupe for your next trip?

It's a bit like going on five trips at the same time, that's how you should look at Guadeloupe, not as one island but five islands just waiting to be discovered during the same holiday. So much more than a dream vacation, these islands are a land of sharing, encounters and diversity, where you'll enjoy the easy living of an island rich in history and beautiful landscapes. A holiday full of surprises and discovery awaits you on the islands of Guadeloupe. Open your eyes and your heart, you'll return home full of unforgettable memories.

What is the best season to travel in Guadeloupe?

The weather is beautiful all year long in Guadeloupe! However, my favorite period of the year is from April to June when the landscape is teeming with flowers. Red flamboyants abound on the Route de la Traversée, and you'll certainly enjoy discovering juicy tropical fruit in season, particularly the wide variety of delicious mangoes. The weather is warm and wonderful, a between-seasons period just perfect for discovering the islands of Guadeloupe while taking advantage of rates that are lower than in the peak season.

Your best memory about Guadeloupe

I'll always remember a summer night where I was swept away and I would even say "bewitched" by the depth of the traditional rural musical and dance of Gwoka during an authentic Lewoz with West Indian friends. In the middle of nowhere, I had the great fortune to be invited to attend a Lewoz. I felt the depth of each dance step, I heard in the singers' lyrics the memory of former slaves. I tried to understand the meaning of their gestures and expressions and I was submerged by the beauty of what to me represented the best part of the history and culture of this island so teeming with memories and profound past experiences.