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Team building trip

Team building trip with VillaVEO: the perfect answer to your needs according to your budget and expectations

Planning a team building trip for your staff in an out-of-the-ordinary environment? Nothing’s worth a nice and appropriate vacation rental for seminars in small groups. VillaVEO can offer you individual accommodation up to 11 bedrooms or whole properties gathering several accommodations. Many options for your team building trip according to your expectations!

Why choosing a vacation rental for your team building trip?

First of all, think of your wallet! For a 1 week stay, a 5-bedroom vacation rental will always be cheaper than booking 5 hotel rooms… By saving money on the accommodation budget, with equivalent comfort standards, you can spend more money on activities.

In addition to that, staying in vacation rentals implies more sharing and your teams will feel at their ease in an environment conducive to talking and conviviality. Why not taking the most of the rental, using for example the kitchen to organize cooking lessons led by a local Chef or simply plan a food competition between the members of your team. The outside, garden, swimming pool, will provide you space for collective activities whereas the inside will be the perfect place for informal activities like playing card, chatting around a drink…

Thanks to his/her individual bedroom, each member of your team will preserve his/her privacy during the whole stay while being able to easily share with the rest of the group in the common areas. Opting for a vacation rental for your team building trip is a relevant choice for federating teams. VillaVEO offers you high quality rentals for your team building trip. Please send us your booking request with your specifications (number of rooms, location, budget…) for your upcoming team building trip so that we can quickly reply with an appropriate proposal with all accommodations opportunities and possible activities on site and around.