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Friends trip

Friends trip : a selection of holiday rentals for the most friendly break you will ever have!

Choosing to stay in a villa for a friends' trip is the ideal solution of accommodation! Imagine yourself in a great vacation rental, with a breathtaking view on the sea, a swimming pool and a big garden to share some unforgettable moments together. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet up around a long table for lunch or dinner after preparing your favorite meals together with your friends thanks a fully equipped kitchen? VillaVEO’s explorers are here to help you out in your choice of accommodation according to your specifications. 5, 6, 7 bedrooms with twin or double beds whether you want share the room with a friend or your partner or be on your own… Everything is possible, you just need to let us know what you want!

VillaVEO’s holiday rentals offer many opportunities thanks to various facilities, allowing everyone to live at their own pace: lazing at the swimming pool, playing games in the living room, getting tanned at the beach, meeting up around savory meals while discussing the upcoming plans and activities not to be missed during your friends’ trip… In other words, building some nice souvenirs together!

The benefit of booking a friends’ trip is that you get access to cheaper prices as you share at least your accommodation. By dividing the rental’s fare between all group members, the price of your vacation becomes highly attractive! The budget allocated to your accommodation being reduced, you can spend more money on activities, restaurants or anything you fancy! VillaVEO’s explorers advise you in your choice of destination and recommend some activities to be experienced with your friends in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere: canyoning, boat excursions, cooking lessons,… Do not wait any longer to book your friends’ trip with VillaVEO and pick up one of our wonderful rentals: a guarantee of high quality standards for a successful stay with your friends!