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Discover Reunion Island with the help of Chloé, our destination expert who'll show you the best this island has to offer.


I am Chloé, your pathfinder in Réunion.


Even after many years of exploring this island, Reunion never ceases to amaze me. It's a true gem in the Indian Oceanwhere you'll find hiking, beaches and rivers, plus its world-famous cuisine and authentic accommodations!

The biography of Chloé, explorer Réunion

I'll start by sharing the famous phrase "florebo quocumque ferar" designated as the motto of the French East India Company which can be translated in English as "I will flower everywhere I am carried." This sweet thought will be foremost in your mind when you land in Reunion. The beauty of its landscape, the soothing coolness of its mountains, the warm embrace of the sun on its beaches, the kindness and generosity of its people from a variety of cultural backgrounds will without a doubt enthrall you. To discover this island off the beaten paths, I'll let you in on its secrets and authentic sights. Reunion is a destination which is still enchanting even after a number of trips. The island has so much to offer that only one visit is not nearly enough. I can't wait to help you plan your upcoming trip!

3 inside's questions to our explorer!

So why La Réunion?

Reunion Island, sometimes called "Tortoise Island" because ot its imposing shape, offers a wide variety of landscapes. For sea lovers, you'll have close to 30 kilometers of beaches to choose from! Water temperatures vary between 22° and 33°C making it possible to practice a number of water sports including surfing, fishing, kayaking and snorkeling in the Ermitage lagoon. And why not plan to go whale watching while you're on holiday? Or do you prefer the mountains and natural landscapes? Reunion and its natural landscape are classified as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites and offer the promise of exceptional discoveries. There are hundreds of hiking trails, waterfalls and hot springs, the highest peak of Piton des Neiges, the calderas of Cirques de Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos, piton Maïdo, plus the shield volcano of Piton de la Fournaise which you might have the opportunity to see while it's erupting. You can't discuss Reunion without talking about food, its vibrant markets and friendly local communities, there are so many things to experience on the island!

So when are you leaving for La Réunion?

The weather is wonderful and temperatures are warm all year round. However, for those who prefer hot weather, in my opinion the best period is between October and May which corresponds to our "summer", fruits (especially mangos, lichees, longans, etc.) are available in abundance, as well as vibrantly colored flowers like the flamboyant and jacaranda. It's also the holiday season with temperatures between 26° and 29°, what could be better than taking a break in the sun in the depth of winter!

What is your best souvenir of Réunion?

I've had so many beautiful experiences on the island so it's hard for me to talk about only one. I'll share with you the first time I hiked to the large volcanic crater of Cirque de Mafate (only accessible on foot). I was swept away to an amazing place. On the path leading to the crater, I crossed a field of tamarind trees under a partly cloudy sky. A rainbow burst from this undecided sky and dove directly into majestic trees. I don't know why but I had a mad desire to run in the high grass towards this fantastic landscape, as if there was nothing else in the world!