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Caribbean vacation rentals

Where do you want to book your next holiday rental in the Caribbean ?

Travelling to the Caribbean: what if your dream could come true this year? The West Indies? A paradise destination! Some sun all year long, turquoise sea, seabed full of tropical fish, hot sand to get tanned… Anyway, the kind of destination you dream about travelling to at least once in a life! Leaving to the sun and booking your ideal vacation rental in the Caribbean, this is what VillaVEO offers you.

Listing more than 100 villas in the Caribbean, VillaVEO is your contact to help you find the rental of your dreams for your stay in the Caribbean. It remains to choose your destination among all the Caribbean islands! Which one will you pick for your next trip to the Caribbean?

Martinique, with its wonderful white sand beaches, its distilleries where the best high quality rum of the world is produced, its hiking trails including the well-known volcano Mount Pelée, its “fonds blancs” (word-for-word translation: white seabed): a natural phenomenon where you can dip in the middle of the sea like if you were in a swimming pool, with only water up to your waist and white sand under your feet…

Or else you could discover Guadeloupe with its two facets. “Basse Terre” (word-for-word translation: low land), where you can travel across the “Mamelles” park with its multiple hiking trails, numerous waterfalls and hot springs. Grande Terre” (word-for-word translation: great land) whose coast is lined with beach resorts, each more beautiful than the other…

And why not going to Marie-Galante where the time seems suspended and where the good life of West Indies makes sense. A beautiful hideaway of only few days on this island will be enough to recharge your batteries…

Difficult to choose between all these paradise destinations in the Caribbean!

VillaVEO’s explorers are here to help you choose your destination. On the basis of your criteria, they present you a short list of vacation rentals in the Caribbean that match your needs. Unique holiday rentals in Martinique, high quality villas with swimming pools in Guadeloupe, seafront villas in Marie-Galante, at least one perfect accommodation is awaiting for you to stay in the Caribbean. Simply let us find it for you! Visit our dedicated section to find all vacation rentals in the Caribbean available at your dates.