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Family trip

Family trip: a selection of vacation rentals perfectly matching your needs

Booking a family trip with VillaVEO ensures you to benefit from a high quality range of accommodation. Most of the time, a family trip needs to be planned months in advance and it’s not always easy to make up your mind among so many online offers. How to make sure you pick up the right vacation rental while all of them seem great? How to choose the perfect accommodation so that every member of your tribe feels delighted?

Travelling with your family using VillaVEO’s service is the guarantee for you to stay in holiday rentals finely selected by our team. All properties are screened on the basis of a homemade quality charter composed of 90 checkpoints to make sure they provide a high level of comfort and equipment.

To help you find your accommodation for your next family trip with VillaVEO, feel free to read our reviews section, listing our travelers experiences. Their comments represent an extra opportunity for you to discover your future destination through the eyes of previous VillaVEO travelers.

Lighten your spirit for your upcoming family holidays! Our team is available to guide you in your choice of vacation rental according to your needs: twin beds in the children’s room, swimming pool, direct access to the beach in order to both be able to laze or play with your children and easily go back home for a nap. In any case, mention whatever you fancy to VillaVEO’s explorers so that we can shape your research.

Do not forget to have a look at VillaVEO’s magazine: a bunch of ideas to plan your family stay and activities not to be missed. Plenty of tips to be shared regarding restaurants, activities suitable for children, cultural events… you’ll definitely find all the information you need for your future family trip!