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I am Christelle, explorer in Martinique I inspected 2 vacation rentals in Grand Rivière

Grand Rivière rentals Martinique

The commune of Grand Rivière, up in the very North of Martinique is home to just over 500 people, privileged folk, we could say, due to the peaceful way of living. It’s true that this little corner of paradise is worth the almost two hour trip north from Fort de France. The landscape is full of shades of blue along the coast and plenty of green on the other side. The road, lined with bamboo and ferns, brings you to a series of suspended metal bridges (rest assured they are all very well attached!) to arrive, finally…at the end of the world, Grand Rivière, because yes, there’s nothing else!

Those who make it up to visit will go to the fishing port to see the ocean views from the seawall or behind the stadium to take a dip in the river’s calm pools. The most intrepid of you could participate in a canyoning outing or start up one of the most beautiful hikes in Martinique: the Grand Rivier/Prêcheur route. Think ahead and start the hike at an early hour because it’s just about 18 kilometers! At the end of the hike, you can relax on the most beautiful black sand beach, Anse Couleuvre. Consider reserving a yole (a traditional Martiniquian sailboat) through the Grand Rivière tourism office—if not, you’ll have to return on foot!

Grand Rivière : 2 vacation rentals

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