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Family break in Marie-Galante

Marie-Galante is a small island part of the archipelago of Guadeloupe. If you plan on a break of few days, you should definitely book a family break in Marie-Galante and taste the sweetness of life on this island. With a size of 158 square km (Guadeloupe is 10 times bigger), it will not take you long to go around the island. This is why only few days are enough to discover Marie-Galante.

What is not to be missed for your family break in Marie-Galante? First of all: heavenly beaches of course: Grand Bourg, Petite-Anse, la Ferrière, Canot… Spots to laze and swim are plenty! For a family outing, choose Grand Bourg beach with its games for children and picnic stands or Petite-Anse beach, near Capesterre, lined with vegetation and ideal for lunch in the shade.

But Marie-Galante is not only about beaches! During your family break in Marie-Galante, you should also discover beautiful sights such as the eco-museum which traces the lives of people from Marie-Galante, or the different rum distilleries (Bellevue, Bielle…). The Bézard Mill is also worth stopping by to take some shots.

For your family break in Marie-Galante, stay in one of VillaVEO’s great vacation rentals. Equipped with swimming pool, air conditioning, our range of villas will make you benefit from both comfort and peace for an ideal family break in a unique setting. Do not wait any longer to book your next family break in Marie-Galante!

Family break in Marie-Galante : 5 vacation rentals

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