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I am Christelle, explorer in Martinique I inspected 2 vacation rentals in Carbet

Carbet rentals Martinique

On the North Caribbean coast, Carbet is a fisherman’s town from where, according to legend, Christopher Columbus would have left in 1502 for his last sea voyage. At the entrance to Carbet, the Neisson distillery, offer visits to learn about their rum production. With a personal touch, this distillery produces one of the island’s best rums that you can buy in the little shop at the entryway. Here, you’ll also find the Thieubert honey, made on Neisson’s land, recommended in a ti punch as a nice change-up from cane sugar! Speaking of aperitifs…continue on your way and visit the main beach lining the coast of downtown Carbet. You can dine at a multitude of restaurants and bars with full view of the ocean, and the volcanic sand beach constitutes an ideal spot for your nap under the shade of a palm tree.

The afternoon may be just the time to visit the Martinique Zoo, opened July 2014. Before the arrival of animals (monkeys, jaguars, birds…) this site was home to a public botanical garden, created by Jean-Philippe Thoze, founder of the Jardin Balata. Many hundreds of species have since found refuge in the care of this vast park where you can explore walking around the ruins of an old rum plantation, that vanished in 1902 with the eruption of the Mt Pelée volcano.

Finally, in Carbet’s surrounding area, the Beauregard Canal (or Slave Canal), built at the end of the 18th century to carry water to the distilleries in Carbet and St Piere, is a lovely walk, shaded by bamboo and ferns (7 kilometers there and back). The canal banks often thin the path (anyone with vertigo avoid this!) and you sometimes come across little goats that amble around freely and easily!

Carbet : 2 vacation rentals

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