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I am Christelle, explorer in Martinique I inspected 2 vacation rentals in Case Pilote

Case Pilote rentals Martinique

Along the North Caribbean coast between Schoelcher and Bellefontaine, Case Pilote is a peaceful town, where tourists often pass by, rarely stopping, to continue on to the north of Martinique. However, this neighborhood is home to some curiosities that are worth the stop.

Firstly, the eighteenth century church with its tiled roof and wooden framework is worth the short detour. Then, stop by the tourism office to sign up for a visit to caves along the coast, only accessible by yole (a traditional Martinican sailboat).

Finally, for diving lovers, the Case Pilote Underwater Club (le club Subaquatique de Case Pilote) has been around for 30 years and offers a number of outings all over the island. In Case Pilote, there are at least eight diving spots from Point Batterie where you can see sunken canons under three meters of water and Cap Enragé, where you can swim among the turtles, Caribbean lobsters, barracudas, and all sorts of reef fish. In short, there are some beautiful things to find in this area!

Case Pilote : 2 vacation rentals

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