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I am Christelle, explorer in Martinique I inspected 9 vacation rentals in Anses d'Arlet

Anses d'Arlet rentals Martinique

The town of Anse d’Arlet is situated between Pointe du Bout and Diamant. There are many points of interests in this small town, follow our guide! Let’s walk along the Caribbean coast and start with the two spectacular Anses. Anse is the French word for cove or bay, and you’ll find that most of the beaches here in Martinique are named this way. Black sand lovers will opt for the black anse (take the stairs down from the parking lot). Those who prefer white sand will choose the Dufour anse. In either cases, grab your flippers, mask, and snorkel to discover the beautiful coral reefs or tropical fish and turtles, gracefully swimming around the area. At the end of your afternoon, you may have the pleasure of partaking in the spectacle of la Senne; the fisherman meet up on the shoreline to pull their big nets up onto the beach. The day’s bounty is then equally shared amongst all those who helped with the haul. Even curious onlookers and tourists often come down to give a hand!

Let’s continue to Grande Anse, the long shoreline crowded with restaurants. After a dip in the turquoise waters where boaters like to throw anchor, enjoy a “Ti Sable” cocktail in the lounge chairs or under the beach huts; if it’s Sunday, we suggest you stay for the evening for the concerts.

By following the coastal road, you’ll reach the village of Anse d’Arlet, an authentic fishing village with the colorful church, directly in line with the town dock, often seen on postcards! Snorkelers will be amazed by the underwater show surrounding the one big boulder sticking out just a couple yards from the shoreline.

Finally, meet up at the bottom of Morne Jacqueline, in Petite Anse, to explore the site Dlo Ferré. Il will take you a few minutes walk before reaching the natural, ferruginous pool carved out into the side of the mountain with the ocean in the foreground, followed by a 160 degree view of Anse d’Arlet and the Morne Larcher peaks.

Anses d'Arlet : 9 vacation rentals


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