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I am Coralie, explorer in Guadeloupe I inspected 5 vacation rentals in Vieux-Habitants

Vieux-Habitants rentals Guadeloupe

Vieux-Habitants, the oldest township in Guadeloupe,is located between sea and mountain on the leeward side of Basse-Terre Island. It's the perfect choice for those seeking authenticity and a complete change of scenery. Slightly off the beaten path of the island, Vieux-Habitants offers a variety of natural resources.

The true cradle of the island's culture and history, there are so many interesting sites just waiting to be explored. Renting a holiday villa in the Vieux-Habitants area will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of being close to splendid hiking and climbing La Soufrière, all just a short car ride away from the village.

Some of the most popular sites in the area include the Grande Vallée of Grande Rivière, with its staggering natural beauty, and the must-see Domaine de la Grivelière, a listed historical monument and ecomuseum. Once the oldest coffee plantation in the area, today enthusiastic tour guides will enable you to discover the history and production process of coffee. A fascinating visit nestled in lush vegetation awaits you, where you'll learn about what is considered some of the best coffee in the world.

The village of Vieux-Habitants in Guadeloupe offers a variety of seaside restaurants where delicious local cuisine is served in a friendly setting. The townships of Bouillante and Pigeon are only a short 30-minute car ride away.Snorkeling enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover the renowned beach at Malendure, located in the very heart of the Réserve Cousteau.

Breathtaking bay views are strung along the coast around Vieux-Habitants. The brilliant scarlet flowers of flamboyants in bloom embellish an already beautiful landscape. Be sure to reserve a holiday rental in Vieux-Habitants and discover an "authentically different" Guadeloupe.

Vieux-Habitants : 5 vacation rentals

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