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I am Christelle, explorer in Martinique I inspected 5 vacation rentals in Trinité

Trinité rentals Martinique

At the entrance of la Caravelle (the large peninsula), on the Atlantic coast, the town of Trinité faces Galion bay, named after a nearby river. It’s best known for its sugar factory, founded in 1861, which supplies the island’s majority of sugar…necessary for the traditional ti-punch!

La Trinité is one of the island’s administrative centers; so to see its true colors, it’s necessary to continue your way all the way to Tartane, the small, neighboring fishing village. Locally known as a surfer’s landmark, Tartane offers pretty beaches lapped by waves that make all boarding aficionados happy.

Enjoy being in this part of the island and the Caravelle’s nature reserve by trying out the marked trails. The first loop will lead you to the mangroves to see the thousands of crabs that live there. The second brings you to the peninsula’s southernmost tip up to the Pointe Caracoli where you’ll get a spectacular view of Treaure Bay. In both cases, take the time to head back by the Caravelle lighthouse in order to see the view and the Dubuc ruins castle where an exhibit explains the 18th century sugar plantations’ history.

Trinité : 5 vacation rentals

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