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I am Séphora, your pathfinder in Martinique. I inspected 7 vacation rentals in Saint-Pierre.

Saint-Pierre rentals Martinique

Practical information Saint-Pierre MartiniqueSaint-Pierre population: Pierrotains and PierrotinesSaint-Pierre postal code: 97250Saint-Pierre Tourist Office: It is located on rue Victor Hugo and is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.Number of the inhabitants of Saint-Pierre: 4177Where is the commune ...

7 vacation rentals à Saint-Pierre


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Saint-Pierre rentals : more informations

Practical information Saint-Pierre Martinique

Saint-Pierre population: Pierrotains and Pierrotines

Saint-Pierre postal code: 97250

Saint-Pierre Tourist Office: It is located on rue Victor Hugo and is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Number of the inhabitants of Saint-Pierre: 4177

Where is the commune of Saint-Pierre in Martinique?

The commune of Saint-Pierre in Martinique is located on the Caribbean coast, in the north of the island. Destroyed in 1902 during the last eruption of the peeled mountain, the city of Saint-Pierre in Martinique was once considered the cultural capital of the island, "the little Paris of the Antilles". If this town with authentic charm is struggling to regain its former glory, it nevertheless offers many points of tourist interest. We highly recommend the town of Saint-Pierre to travelers looking for a peaceful holiday, anxious to discover an authentic Martinique.

Radiate in the south from Saint-Pierre Martinique:

Let's be clear, it will be difficult for you to radiate over the south of Martinique from Saint-Pierre! In fact, allow no less than an hour and a half from downtown Saint-Pierre to reach the Salines beach located in the far south of the island. If you are staying for two weeks on the island, opt instead for a north-south combination from Martinique so that you do not have to descend occasionally to the south of the island. Avoid going lower than Fort-de-France, which is already 45 minutes by car. From Aimé Césaire Airport, Saint-Pierre is a 50-minute drive

Fan out on the Atlantic coast from Saint-Pierre Martinique:

To reach the Atlantic coast of Martinique from Saint-Pierre, go through Le Morne Rouge and Ajoupa Bouillon. Allow about 1 hour to reach Basse-Pointe, where the famous Martinique Surf Pro competition is held each year around March. It will also take you almost an hour to get to Sainte-Marie (via Lorraine and Marigot) where you can discover the tombolo, the banana museum and the superb Saint-James distillery. About 45 minutes by car, do not miss the superb JM distillery, nestled in lush greenery.

Fan out in the north from Saint-Pierre Martinique:

Saint-Pierre is undoubtedly an ideal location for exploring the North of Martinique. Indeed, in less than half an hour you can reach Anse Couleuvre, a superb black sand beach offering a landscape from the end of the world. Also be sure to stop at the Céron home, an incredible place out of time including a shop, restaurant and former agricultural site. The house is particularly famous for its three hundred year old tree, the Zamana. The commune of Carbet is about 15 minutes away. Do not miss the Neisson distillery and the Carbet zoo. The gendarme jump waterfall is about 25 minutes away. Hiking, diving, the rum route, not to mention the superb black sand beaches, you will not be bored during your stay in the north of Martinique!

Why choose a seasonal rental in Saint Pierre Martinique?

Combined North-South trip to Martinique

We recommend that you opt for a seasonal rental in Saint-Pierre if you are planning a 15-day stay in Martinique. By booking a villa in the north of Martinique and a villa in the south of Martinique, you will easily discover the whole island without spending too much time on the roads. The north of the island will allow you to discover a more authentic, greener Martinique. In the south of Martinique you will find the white sand beaches lined with restaurants and shops. By combining north and south you will have a complete vision of what the island has to offer. If this is a unique trip, do not miss the north!

Combine inter-island stay in the Antilles from Saint-Pierre Martinique

If you come fifteen days, three weeks, to the Antilles, you can also consider an inter-island combined! You could thus opt for a combined Martinique-Guadeloupe, Martinique-Sainte-Lucie or Martinique-Dominique stay. Indeed, from Saint-Pierre, you can take the sea shuttle (L'Express des îles). Allow 1.5 hours by boat from Saint-Pierre to reach Saint Lucia (Castries). To access Roseau in Dominica, count a little less than 3 hours. Finally, for Guadeloupe, you can either reach Terre de Haut aux Saintes (3:15) or join Pointe-à-Pitre (4:30). Note that the islands of Dominica and Saint Lucia are English-speaking and that payment is made in Caribbean dollars (or US dollars).

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