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I am Séphora, your pathfinder in Martinique. I inspected 4 vacation rentals in Bellefontaine.

Bellefontaine rentals Martinique

Where is the commune of Bellefontaine in Martinique?The community of Bellefontaine is located on the North Caribbean coast of Martinique. When you arrive in Bellefontaine from Fort-de-France, you will see on your right the tall chimneys of the EDF power station producing the majority of the island's electricity. Along the Caribbean Sea, Bellefontaine is equidistant from the towns of Carbet furt...

4 vacation rentals à Bellefontaine

Bellefontaine rentals : more informations

Where is the commune of Bellefontaine in Martinique?

The community of Bellefontaine is located on the North Caribbean coast of Martinique. When you arrive in Bellefontaine from Fort-de-France, you will see on your right the tall chimneys of the EDF power station producing the majority of the island's electricity. Along the Caribbean Sea, Bellefontaine is equidistant from the towns of Carbet further north and Case Pilote a little further south.

Shine in the south from Bellefontaine

Fort de France city center is around 25 minutes by car from Bellefontaine. To reach the extreme south of Martinique and in particular the Salines beach in Sainte-Anne, plan an hour and a half. To access the Trois Ilets by car from Bellefontaine, plan an hour's drive, as well to reach the Caravelle peninsula on the Atlantic coast of Martinique.

Shine in the north from Bellefontaine

Finally, you can more easily explore the north of the island of Martinique, including joining Le Carbet and Case Pilote in less than 10 minutes by car (kilometers) The town of Saint-Pierre is only 20 minutes by car . Finally, to reach the commune at the end of the island, Grand’Rivière, take 1 hour and to access Morne Rouge, the starting point for the ascent of Mount Pelée, take 30 minutes.

Why choose a rental in Bellefontaine for a stay in Martinique?

The town of Bellefontaine does not have many tourist points of interest. The town has a black sand beach but few sites to visit. However, it is its geographical location at the gates of northern Martinique that gives it real interest.

Rental rates at an attractive price

Indeed, by staying in Bellefontaine, you will be able to shine very easily in the municipalities of northern Martinique (Carbet and Saint-Pierre in particular) while taking advantage of attractive holiday rental prices. The town is not the most popular on the island, tourists prefer the south (and it is a shame, the north has so much to offer!), You can benefit from excellent value for money.

A peaceful stay

The town of Bellefontaine is particularly recommended for travelers looking for an authentic, peaceful stay. You can fully enjoy the sweet life of Martinique in this fishing town. If you appreciate the crowd, the excitement of the seaside resorts, go your way, it is not in Bellefontaine that you will put your bags!

Stay in Bellefontaine as part of a combined Martinique stay

To discover the different faces of Martinique and if you stay more than 10 days in Martinique, you can also opt for a combined stay. Treat yourself, for example, to a first week in the north by staying in Bellefontaine and a second week in the south or on the Atlantic coast of Martinique. This will avoid unnecessary trips on the road by concentrating your excursions on the part of the island where you are staying.

What are the highlights of Bellefontaine?

Tourist points of interest are few. In less than an hour, you will be able to tour all there is to see!

Attend the Senne in Bellefontaine

The town of Bellefontaine has a black sand beach where you can rest or sometimes watch the "Senne" fishing (when the fishermen pull large nets by hand to catch the fish). You may be able to participate and discover an ancestral fishing technique that tends to become rare in Martinique.

The Torgiléo in Bellefontaine

From the town of Bellefontaine, and when you arrive from Fort-de-France, turn your head to the right, you will see a house in the shape of a boat! This is the Torgiléo. Built in the middle of the 20th century, this dwelling house which bears the names of the members of the family who built it (Victor, Virginie and Léo) was transformed into a restaurant in the 1970s. , the Torgiléo is therefore not possible to visit the house-boat.

The application restaurant of the Bellefontaine hotel school

Finally, here is a good tip for eating well without breaking the bank! The community of Bellefontaine is home to a hotel lycée in the Cheval Blanc district. The application restaurant "L’envol" is open during school periods and offers a full meal for lunch. It is imperative to book. Keep in mind that the students are learning, this is also the reason why the menu price is very affordable!

What to do around Bellefontaine in Martinique?

In the North of Martinique, there is no shortage of activities!

A day at Carbet

Start your discovery with a day at Carbet. At the entrance to the city, take a trip to the Neisson distillery. This small distillery produces very high quality rum. A visit allows you to discover the site. You can taste the different ranges of rum at the store and shop there. Honey from the Thieubert estate, produced on the land of Neisson rum, can also be purchased at the store. The nearby beach, accessible from downtown Carbet, is lined with restaurants, including the famous Petibonum. Departures for excursions to see dolphins in Martinique are made from this square. Treat yourself to an ice cream at Ziouka Glaces (chocolate schrubb, cashew vanilla, ginger cinnamon…) in downtown Carbet. This glacier offers delicious sorbets with local flavors, a treat. Then head towards Saint-Pierre, a little before entering the town is the Carbet zoo, a must-see. At the end of the day, treat yourself to a swim at Anse Turin and watch the sunset.

A day in Saint-Pierre

Also plan a day in Saint-Pierre. There are many points of interest worth spending some time on: the ruins of Saint-Pierre, including the theater and the Cyparis dungeon. Indeed, this once very prosperous commune was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902. Stop drinking a fresh fruit juice at Kai Raimond, rue Victor Hugo, near the ruins. Also visit the Depaz distillery (free), located on the heights of Saint-Pierre. It is also possible to discover Château Depaz (payable). A boutique offers rum tastings and it is also possible to buy the different ranges of rums produced at the distillery.

North of Martinique, a hiker's paradise

Finally, nature lovers can program some beautiful hikes: the unmissable Pelée mountain at Morne Rouge, the Beauregard canal at Fond Saint-Denis, the Prêcheur-Grand'Rivière hike, the Couleuvre au Prêcheur hike or even the Gorges de la Falaise in Ajoupa Bouillon. In short, nature lovers will not see the time pass!

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