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I am Christelle, explorer in Martinique I inspected 6 vacation rentals in Sainte-Anne

Sainte-Anne rentals Martinique

In the very south of the island, the commune of Sainte Anne is best known for its white sand beaches, especially “Les Salines.” What do you do there? Nothing! You tan…after five minutes you jump into the turquoise waters to cool off…and over again, all afternoon! Don’t even bother bringing a magazine, there isn’t enough shade on this beach and you’ll spend all afternoon getting the pages wet between your cool-down swims.

The must-do: at the entrance to the beach, there’s a little hut where you can try the island’s best fruit juices. Seasonal fruits, ice, and…just like that, for a few euros, you’ll find the smoothie that you can’t live without! You can also buy fruit salads and whole fruit to take away. Check it out before 3pm, otherwise, there’ll be no more ice and without ice, goodbye smoothie!

For a bit of culture, continue down the road and go to the backside of the beach, where you’ll find the Salines’ pond; with a short ten-minute walk around the pond, you’ll see the many crab and bird species that populate the area. A bit of advice: the Salines beach is the most known in Martinique. Often, you have to fight for towel-space on the beach! So, first, take your classic, scenic photo and then walk the 300 meters to reach the cove at the beachplum trees and a small clearing. It’s just as a much of a paradise but a lot less busy! You will enjoy it equally and have enough space for your towel—and even be in the shade!

For the more courageous ones, we recommend the Piton Crève Coeur hike…which is about 200 meters. Thirty minutes of walking will be enough to enjoy the astounding panorama on the whole southern peninsula! The bonus? There are ancient plantation ruins that make you feel like you’ve entered a different time.

Finally, downtown Sainte Anne has an open-air market every day of the week (from 8am-1pm). You’ll find spices, fruits, vegetables, and fresh-fish (just outside). This picturesque part of town is quite different from the more touristy areas of Marin with club Med and all the restaurants. There’s lots to see in the area, but careful, you have to pay to park here.

Sainte-Anne : 6 vacation rentals

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