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I am Christelle, explorer in Martinique I inspected 18 vacation rentals in Trois-Ilets

Trois-Ilets rentals Martinique

Pointe du Bout is located in the commune of Trois Ilets, on the Caribbean coast, and is the number one tourist spot on the island with its beaches, hotels, and restaurant bars. This is an ideal spot if you prefer more slow-moving vacations, because here you won’t need a car. From the beach of Anse Mitan, you can easily get to Fort de France thanks to the small ferryboats that go every day except Sunday. Plus, many diving excursions and dolphin-watching outings are accessible from the Marina.

Golfers will notice the 18 hole course, technical and well-known as it was designed by the architect Robert Trend Jones.

Before heading out to Pointe du Bout, we’d like to recommend a few pit-stops along the way! The first is at the pottery village, home to a few small artisan boutiques; most noteworthy is a soap shop where you can buy soap sold by weight, each more gourmand than the next! At tea time, stop by Coup d’coeur’s terrace where you can have tea and a pastry. Our favorite is “le coeur coco” (the coconut heart), a sponge cake of paprika chocolate, chocolate mousse, with coconut milk filling, sprinkled with anise and coriander. Next, head to the end of the town to the floating dock and catch the sunset.

The second stop is the “Savane des esclaves”. A passionate botanist, Gilbert Larose, cleared two hectares of land by the sweat of his brow to plant local species with medicinal uses. Some little traditional wooden stalls are nestled in this pretty park and showcase scenes of daily life during slavery times. During this educational visit, you will also come across a small museum with murals portraying Martinique’s history. Finish your visit with a homemade, refreshing drink—and, if you come the first Saturday of the month, grab the traditional cassava (manioc cake) filled with jelly for a takeaway lunch.

Trois-Ilets : 18 vacation rentals

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