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I am Coralie, explorer in Guadeloupe I inspected 2 vacation rentals in Bouillante

Bouillante rentals Guadeloupe

Bouillante is a charming town located in Basse-Terre, nestled between sea and mountain, in the heart of the Leeward Coast of Guadeloupe. Only a short drive from Route de la Traversée and Parc des Mamelles, the heights of Bouillante are an integral part of Guadeloupe's National Park. Halfway between Pointe-Noire and Vieux-Habitants, Bouillante's central location will allow you to visit Basse-Terre in all its splendor.

Situated along the coast of the Caribbean Sea, Bouillante is the perfect spot to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in Guadeloupe. Whether from the famous Malendure beach, or from the beachfront of the village of Bouillante, or even from the many viewpoints that dot the coastal road, the sunset over Pigeon Islands is breathtaking. Immersed in nature, Bouillante offers a true green destination to vistors wanting to discover lush natural settings. Perfect for a family holiday, Bouillante is only a few minutes from the Mamelles zoological gardens. Nestled in a tropical forest, the Park is home to 85 animal species which will surely delight your children!

This town in Guadeloupe was named "Bouillante" (which means boiling) owing to the many surrounding natural hot springs, with the most famous one located in Anse Thomas. How wonderful it is to soak in this little basin bordering the sea. The water temperature is close to 80°, but not to worry, the water is instantly cooled by the sea waves. Admiring the sunset from the basin of Anse Thomas is a must-have experience during your stay in Bouillante.

The highlight of this charming town in Guadeloupe is inescapably its seabed. Today, Bouillante is known throughout the world thanks to Réserve Cousteau, classified as a natural marine reserve. The prime location for scuba diving in Guadeloupe and a refuge for sea turtles, Bouillante is the place to be for diving enthusiasts. Its black sand beach in Malendure proposes a wide variety of activities for both young and old, including deep-sea fishing, sea kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat excursions and so much more. Bouillante is also the main jumping-off point for dolphin and whale watching trips.

Its neighbouring tropical forest is brimming with hiking trails, paths and breathtaking spots to take in the view. Bouillante also has a rich cultural heritage due to its former plantations. Some of these plantations, Habitation Thomas or Habitation Massieux for example, are now listed as historical monuments. The evenings in Bouillante are often accompanied by the sound of Gwoka, which combines dance and traditional music. The Ka (drum) is this music's main instrument and finds its roots in the history of Guadeloupe, from the time of slavery. Each and every Sunday evening during the high season, you'll be able to attend a Gwoka performance with your toes in the sand of Malendure beach at the "Chez Loulouse" restaurant.

Did you know that the inhabitants of Bouillante have the reputation of being the friendliest in Guadeloupe? So, wait no longer to plan a holiday there!

A stay in Bouillante will allow you to experience shared moments of friendship, a rich cultural heritage and Creole cuisine in the many restaurants dotting the shore—an immersion in what is most authentic in Guadeloupe.

Bouillante : 2 vacation rentals

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