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Family break in Guadeloupe

When is the last time you built a sand castle with your children? You don’t manage to answer this question? It is time for you to book a nice family break in Guadeloupe! Because it is so important to spend some time off with your children and because short stays can be easily managed with VillaVEO, our explorers selected for you high quality accommodation for your family getaway.

Both small and big at the same time, Guadeloupe Island has so much to offer that you will have to make up your mind and focus on what you enjoy the most. You love snorkeling? Then maybe you should book a nice holiday rental in Sainte-Anne or Saint-François so that you can for example go one day to “Petite Terre” (word-for-word translation: small land) and discover the riches of its seabed.

You wish to lie on the beach, dipping sometimes in the sea to refresh yourself, while your children have fun playing on the sand, practicing water sports. This is definitely possible if you book a family break in Guadeloupe, with a vacation rental located in “Grande Terre” (word-for-word translation: great land).

You prefer to initiate yourself into kayaking and explore the Pigeon islets with your children, do aquatic hiking, swim in the hot springs, then you should rather book a stay at “Basse Terre” (word-for-word translation: low land).

Whatever you decide, VillaVEO will help you find out the ideal accommodation for your last minute break in Guadeloupe.

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