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The archipelago of Guadeloupe covers 1628 km² of emerged lands. The main island is the "butterfly island" made up of two wings: the Basse-Terre (western wing) stretches for 848 km² and offers a mountainous relief with a green and authentic oriented tourism. While the Grande-Terre (eastern wing), rather flat, extends over 588 km². The coastline is bordered with long sandy beaches and crystal clear water. With such postcard landscapes we easily understand why the main seaside resorts settled there. Marie-Galante is also part of the Guadeloupe archipelago. Nicknamed "La galette or the island of 100 mills", it has remained very authentic and its both wild and sublime beaches are its main asset. The archipelago of les Saintes, including Terre de haut, offers paradisiacal landscapes and has one of the most beautiful bays in the world.