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5 islands, 1 trip: pick 1, 2 or more for a unique travel experience

We shall not speak about Guadeloupe but the Guadeloupe archipelago as Guadeloupe is made up of 5 distinctive islands. The main ones are: Basse-Terre, Grande -Terre, Marie-Galante, les Saintes and la Désirade (two small additional islands are also very famous: Petite Terre and Grand Cul de Sac Marin). Each island has its own assets and, if you have enough time, you should definitely consider making a tour of the 5 islands. In case you are only staying 7-10 days, pick two, for example Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre or Basse-Terre and les Saintes… Ask your local adviser for customized recommendations!

The landscape diversity

Each island of Guadeloupe has its own identity and offers a wide range of landscapes. Basse-Terre is known for its wild, green and authentic side with its waterfalls, its hikes, its volcano, its black sand beaches. Grande-Terre is famous for its paradisiacal landscapes: white sand, crystal clear water, the famous Caravelle beach, or the sublime spot of Pointe des Châteaux. Marie-Galante is a true paradise on earth with its turquoise lagoon and certainly the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe. The Saintes archipelago is one of the most beautiful bays in the world! Far from everything, it is the rendez-vous of sailors and wild nature lovers. As for La Désirade, it is a less crowded island endowed with natural beauties, the promise of an out of time stay!

A large choice of activities

Guadeloupe offers a wide range of activities for those who have no intention to sunbathe every day. Spend few days in the western part of the island, Basse-Terre, to enjoy one of the numerous hikes (with the waterfalls & rivers discovery). For the bravest, choose the hardest: the Soufrière volcano. Scuba diving lovers will be delighted with the seabed of the Cousteau sealife reserve accessible from the Malendure beach. Watersport activities are mainly practiced on the eastern wing of the island: surfing in the Moule, kite surfing in Sainte-Anne or Bois Jolan, jet skiing with the famous Karujet competition every year in Guadeloupe. Boat excursion, dolphin and whale watching, canyoning, paragliding, golfing in Saint-François... and many other activities can be done during your stay in Guadeloupe!