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Nature lovers in Martinique

You're not the kind of person so keen on lazing on the beach and getting tanned all day long? Lucky you, beyond its paradise beaches, Martinique overflows with nature activities with a unique diversity of landscapes on a small island. We're used to say Martinique has two faces: to the south, many seaside towns and to the north, the tropical forest. Prepare your camera as you will feel like you need to take pictures at every corner amazed by wonderful views!

Southern Martinique offers numerous hiking trails including the famous "Trace des Caps", a 27 km hike joining the Macabou beaches in Le Vauclin to the ones in Sainte-Anne. This trail is quite accessible as it doesn't present any major difficulty in terms of height difference. On your way, you'll particularly appreciate the beauty of the island coastline, not to mention the "Savane des Petrifications", a lunar landscape! Other hiking paths, shorter but not easier as you'll have to climb sharply, are worth the effort for the panoramic breathtaking view you'll get to the top! This is the case of the "Piton Crève Cœur" and the "Morne Larcher".

Northern Martinique is much more green! Nature lovers in Martinique will definitely need to plan the ascent of the volcano called "Mount Pelée" with its famous "Chinese hat" peaking at 1395 m above sea level. Good shoes and experienced hikers are recommended especially to get to the caldera. Amazing landscapes are your reward! To freshen up after this long walk, what's best than stopping by the "Gorges de la Falaise" to dip in the river and climb up its waterfalls: a short, very pleasant and invigorating aquatic hike! Other trails like the "Beauregard canal" or the "Prêcheur / Grand-Rivière" should not be missed either. On the Atlantic coast, the "Caravelle peninsula" is a 4-hour tour offering exceptional panoramic views on the "Treasure Bay". No need to mention why nature lovers in Martinique are going to remember their authentic trip experience, so rich in emotion, escape and discovery. After long days out immersed into nature, you'll be glad to get back to your charming accommodation, share some nice and fresh food and drinks with your close family or friends, swim into the pool and relax in your comfortable bed.

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