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Travel to Martinique

There is no mandatory vaccination to travel to Martinique. The island counts several hospitals and clinics. The most important site is the Pierre Zobda-Quitman University Hospital. It is considered as leading medical structure on the West Indies. Since Martinique is a French overseas department, the social security system is the same as in France. Remember to bring with you your health security card. For EU nationals, you can get a European Health Insurance Card.

Martinique sometimes faces epidemics of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes: dengue, chikungunya and more recently zika. These infections result in fevers and joint pain, although they may also go unnoticed.

To protect yourself from mosquito bites, make sure your accommodation is equipped with air conditioning (mosquitoes do not like the cold!) and / or mosquito nets. You can also use mosquito spray (and anti-itching cream, if you have been bitten).

Considering the hot temperature and the strong sun presence, make sure to bring cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. The ideal is not to sunbathe during the hottest hours to avoid the sunburn that would spoil the rest of your holidays!

Finally, some recommendations on the fauna and flora: beware of the “mancenillier”. This tree, which can be found mainly on the beach, is very often marked with a red cross on its trunk. Do not touch fruit that looks like apples and do not shelter under its leaves when it’s raining because they contain toxins that cause severe burns. When snorkeling, pay attention to the sea urchins and especially to the lion fish. The backbone of this fish is venomous and can cause significant allergic reactions.