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What is the best period to travel to Martinique?

It is not easy to answer to this question! Martinique is a tropical destination, so you will enjoy a warm climate throughout your stay. The average temperature is 26°C.

For travelers looking for a sunny destination in the middle of winter, the best time to travel to Martinique from a climate point of view is from December to April. Humidity and rainfall levels are lower than the rest of the year. The sun shines, the weather is drier, refreshed by the trade winds. The temperature is around 28-30°C.

For those who want to enjoy the best rates both on air flights and rentals, prefer the low season. May and June are just as pleasant and the beaches are less crowded. The hurricane period in Martinique starts in July and ends in mid-November. The rainfall is certainly more important but the temperatures of air and water remain pleasant. The major risk comes from the formation of storms or hurricanes but these phenomena are very rare.

Major events

The life of the island of Martinique is rhythmed by several great events. In February, the carnival participants take possession of the streets. Music, dance and colorful costumes are on the program of the Carnival of Martinique. If you are lucky enough to be on the island during this period, do not miss the parades in Fort-de-France on the Shrovetide.

In July-August, the main event is the Tour des Yoles. The “yole” is a traditional boat from Martinique. The registered teams compete during several days. Another major sport event is the Martinique Surf Pro in April at Basse-Pointe. This Surf competition, one of the WSL round, brings together hundreds of spectators each year. Several major races attract many travelers; including the Fort-de-France half-marathon, the Alizée raid, a 100% female race, both in November and the Trans'martinique, a 130-km-long raid crossing the island.